85-year-old man arrested for racing down the highway in his Oldsmobile

Not so long ago, Ontario, Canada drafted a law to curb racing and excessive speeding on its highways. Things were getting so out of hand that stretches of road were called the Ontariobahn. In a campaign they call "shock and awe," they jacked the maximum fine up to $10,000, and threw in a 7-day suspended license and vehicle impound for anyone doing more than 50-KPH over the posted limit.

Since the traps were laid, they have been full. A recent catch was an 85-year-old man who was doing 161 kph -- 61 over the limit -- on roads with ice and snow. He wasn't racing -- he was simply "going to the bank and shopping," albeit rather quickly. So he was immediately relieved of his license and his Oldsmobile.

Since the law took effect on September 30, 2007, 2,300 Canadians have met the same fate -- 1,300 of them in the first five weeks. On average, every day 24 drivers have to learn bus routes, and 24 cars get parked somewhere for a week. The 85-year-old gent has the honor of being the oldest arrested so far, a 16-year old girl was the youngest, and the fastest driver was going 230 kph (142 mph). If your travels take you through Ontario while the shock and awe continues, try not to get frisky with the go peda else you'll be down with a very different O.P.P. -- the Ontario Provincial Police.

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[Source: CTV Toronto]

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