German fuzz impound Libyan dictator's son noisy Ferrari

Germany may still have a few stretches of autobahns unrestricted by speed limits, but local law enforcement stick rigidly to noise pollution regulations. That's what one student found out, the hard way, when he had his Ferrari impounded by police in Munich for producing too much noise: nearly 110.5 dBa, twelve and a half decibels over the 98 dBa limit.

The student happened to be 25-year-old Seif al-Arab, the second youngest of Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi's seven sons. (Somewhat ironically, Seif's younger brother Khamis is himself a police officer in Libya.) Coughing up the fine, reported at ???100, shouldn't be a problem for a student with a trust fund big enough to buy a Ferrari F430 in the first place, but he might have to play the diplomatic immunity card over a reportedly expired international driver's permit.

Uh, Baba? Can you send me some more cash and a new license?

[Source: Telegraph via Winding Road]

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