BREAKING: New GM luxury V-8 is first victim of new CAFE rules

A new dual overhead cam V-8 engine for General Motors luxury car applications that was scheduled for production in 2009 has been canceled. This is the first known change in future product plans to follow the recent passage of new fuel economy rules. GM had announced plans a year ago to invest $300 million in their Tonawanda, New York engine plant to build the new V-8 to replace the current NorthStar V-8 used in various Cadillac models. Production of the NorthStar is scheduled to end in 2010.
Instead of the new V-8, GM will use upgraded versions of their current 3.6L V-6 with direct injection which make nearly as much power as the V-8 (304hp vs 320hp) and weigh 150-200lbs less. In addition GM also has the small-block V-8 as used in the Corvette and the CTS-V which makes over 400hp, weighs less and has a smaller package size than an overhead cam engine. GM also has a new 4.5L V-8 and the 2.9L V-6 diesel which will help it achieve a 35mpg fleet average.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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