Mugen modifies Honda Accord, creates the Inspire

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When it's time for Bruce Wayne to hang up the bat costume and settle down with a wife and kids, he'll need a car with more rear-seat leg room than the Tumbler. We suggest he take the Mugen Inspire for a test drive (with Morgan Freeman riding shotgun for good measure). With all the style and panache that the Dark Knight's daily driver should have, it's also got two more doors and some LATCH anchors for a baby seat. In typical Mugen fashion, the standard Honda Accord has been gussied up with a number of aero add-ons, including a new grille, front spoiler, side sills, rear apron and a rear spoiler from which a 100 or so bats could hang. Yes, the look is way over the top, but it's fun in the way it comically exaggerates the Accord's ho-hum design. The Inspire also gets a sports exhaust to free a few more horsepower through better breathing, as well as upgraded brakes, a lowered sports suspension and new aluminum wheels. It's faster than a stock Accord for sure, but probably not by much. But hey, with the wife and little ones in tow, Mr. Wayne shouldn't be speeding anyhow.

[Source: Mugen]
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