ABG discovers there's something to LOLcats

I'ma gonna come right out and admit that most of the cool parts of the Internet just isn't on my radar. I mean, I've heard about LOLcats, but don't search them out. I liked the whole All Your Base thing a few years ago, but the cool kids keep on moving to funnier things without me. What I'm saying is, thanks to ABG reader Dustin Y. for giving us our chance to join the LOLcat parade with the above image.

I'm not sure where you can buy meow-diesel, or what it costs, but this fuel brings with it almost as many questions as corn ethanol. Also, how will these cars sell in Europe, where very strict kittehs-emitted-per-km laws will kick in in 2012? Also, with PETA be in favor or against this new alternative fuel? So many questions, so many kittehs.

[Source: I Can Has Cheezburger]

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