eBay Find of the Day: Biggest auto news story of the year for only $150k

Fame and fortune has a purchase price: $150,000, on eBay. How can you get it? There's an automobile design flaw that's killing massive numbers of people. When it is revealed, "billions of dollars worth of personal injury and wrongful death litigation" will commence. Want to know what it is? Then head over to eBay and pay someone called "topshopper" $150,000 for the rights to the story.

This has got to be the most interesting auto-related auction we've seen all year -- which is saying something, with all that's flopped over the transom of eBay over the last twelve months. There's a even solution for this mystery mass-death-causing flaw, for which a (supposed) patent is pending. No word on whether topshopper holds the key to that as well. And topshopper, you'll be glad to know, has a 100% feedback rating for his or her two transactions over the last seven years.

We have no idea what it could be, but if you do buy the rights, please let us know first. We promise to give you credit. And when you're finished spreading the word on that story, we here at Autoblog have a map that can tell you where monsters and leprechauns live. We have a picture of a unicorn to prove it. Make your checks payable to Autoblog...

Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: eBay]

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