Top Gear gives Fiat 500 another award, though Captain Slow didn't like it

Fiat's undeniably adorable 500 has closed off the year with yet another award. The retro-licious little supermini already won the car award of all car awards when it took the 2008 European Car of the Year award, which it somehow managed to squeeze into its little hatch packed with the Auto Europa 2008 award, EuroCarBody 2007 and the Auto Trophy.

The latest to pile on the praise is Top Gear magazine, which named the Fiat 500 its favorite City Car in the BBC Top Gear Awards 2007. Rival publication CAR also named the 500 its Car of the Year, as did rival television program Fifth Gear. Ironically, though, James May (a.k.a. Captain Slow) didn't like the 500.

That's a lot of accolades for such a small car, which Fiat is hoping will help turn its fortunes around as part of its recent resurgence in the marketplace.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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