This one's for the gals: the top 10 cars for women that'll make a guy's head turn

Eve Cars, a UK mag, interviewed "hundreds of men" and came up with a list of ten cars that women could buy if they wanted to impress a guy. First on the list was the 1955-63 Mercedes 300 SL Roadster. We'd like to take those guys aside and ask them if they'd really be checking out the driver. After all, if Estelle Getty pulled up in a 300 SL, we'd give her and the car a second look. Five of the cars on the list, at least where we live in LA, tend to be driven exclusively by very attractive women, which would appear to skew the results a tad.

Also on the list was the to-be-expected 911. The Land Rover Defender took the number four spot, two spots above the Rolls-Royce Phantom. There are some unexpected entrants, however: a VW Golf R32, and a Fiat 500. All we can say to that is: really? We're guessing that English men made up the interview sample, and we must admit to some shock that our brethren across the pond are doing double-takes for R32's and tiny -- albeit super cute -- Fiats.

Frankly, we suspect the title of the list should be "Top 10 Cars British Men Really Like, No Matter Who's Driving." Incredibly, a Ford police cruiser with fur-lined handcuffs hanging from the mirror didn't make the list. But maybe that's an American thing.

[Source: Eve Cars]

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