SpadaConcept designs a carbon-fiber racing helmet

If the name SpadaConcept rings a bell, you're probably recalling the Codatronca, the Italian coachbuilder's radical shark-nosed and tail-fined Corvette-based supercar pictured at right. The design studio has now designed a racing helmet for Italian manufacturer Stilo that's almost as radical.

The ST4 helmet is made of carbon fiber and manufactured in an autoclave, giving it a lower weight than conventional designs. Although it's not the first CF helmet on the market, it could be the most intriguing we've seen yet. The aggressive design incorporates two outlets for radio connection and hydration system in an aerodynamic shape good for open-cockpit racing. The result is a package that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game (take your pick), but we'd gladly strap one on to test the 600-horsepower Codatronca, if and when the car is built.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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