eBay Find of the Day: Tupac Shakur's H1 gets around

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Like the rapper himself, his accouterments also refuse to die. Tupac's H1 is for sale on eBay, after having been raffled off in a contest on BET, then sold to someone else, then sold or given back to his family, then transferred to his entertainment company, Havenotz Entertainment. And now, their forced liquidation sale is your potential gain.

The 1996 H1 hardtop is remarkably lightly altered, with nothing more than a lightbar, and a couple of Hummer logos and "Eliminator" badges on the rear fenders. The tan interior doesn't look to have a single DVD player or 10-inch LCD in sight. Apparently, bling does know some bounds, and if you can call an H1 'tasteful,' then this is it. The current bid: $200,200. If you just gotta have it, the Buy It Now Price is $500,000 -- which should buy you a nice slice of heaven in Thugs Mansion. Check out the gallery of pics below.

[Source: eBay via Jalopnik]
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