DoD orders up portable biofuel plants for military use

The U.S. Department of Defense has selected two companies, Diversified Energy and Velocys, to design a mobile biofuel manufacturing plant that would process organic waste from military installations. The plans are to use pyrolysis to create syngas to be used as biofuel for military vehicles and planes. The specifications also require these mobile plants to be able to produce the equivalent of 500 oil barrels per day.

The press release mentions that the Dept. of Defense is the U.S. largest fuel consumer in the country, with a $9 billion budget for fuel per year. Shaving off as much money (and the burden of transportation) from such a huge amount of fuel seems a good idea. Just think of the weight from armor, ammunition and the guns a regular vehicle has to carry and multiply by ... a lot.

The project is in a design phase, which would lead to a prototype in a not too distant future.

[Source: Velocys via Econoticias]

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