Spy Shots: next generation Jaguar XJ

The next generation Jaguar XJ has been spotted by Car magazine photographers, though you might not guess it: the car is a test mule using the current XJ's body. Car's claims for the car, however, predict an XJ that will be make a much greater impression than the one the current XJ made when it was released a few years ago.
For one, the styling is expected to be much edgier, inside and out. The new body, still in aluminum, will hopefully maintain the grace that Jags have a lock on, but move the car's lengthy design lineage firmly into this century. It is nearly 2008, after all. Design director Ian Callum has cited the CLS as "an inspiration to the design of large sedans," (you'd really think sporty sedans didn't exist before the CLS appeared on scene). We hope this doesn't mean he merely attempts to mimic a shortened rear-glasshouse-into-trunk for the next big cat.

Inside, the car will take many of its cues from the XF, and under the hood will be the next generation 5.0-liter V8 engine. The car might also get some high-tech LED headlamps (it's about time), but please, Mr. Callum, keep those XF headlights away from what is still one of the world's most beautiful sedans. The car is due in 2009 or 2010.

[Source: Car]

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