REPORT: Volvo plans XC30 CUV to join V30 wagon and C30 hatch

We recently got confirmation from a Volvo PR person that the Swedish automaker's new C30 hatchback will soon be joined by a V30 five-door wagon. is going one step further by reporting that Volvo will also add a new XC CUV model to its lineup based on the C30 hatch to be called, not unsurprisingly, the XC30. Presumably it will also be a five-door model with all-wheel-drive that's jacked up off the ground a bit.

The burgeoning of Volvo's 30 series of cars will come at the expense of the S40 sedan, which will be merged with the larger S60 eventually creating a common mid-size sedan likely to retain the S60 name. The new S60 won't get a V-named wagon counterpart, however, which would be too close in concept to Volvo's standalone V70 and XC70 models. Do expect, however, an XC60 CUV model to be based on the XC60 Concept that debuted at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last January.

Finally, as we recently reported, rumors of the larger XC90's demise have been exaggerated and Volvo's largest SUV is expected to get a refresh soon and a full-on replacement eventually. Clearly, however, Volvo sees future profits by filling out its small car lineup with versions of the C30 hatchback that will sell well all over the world, and not just the U.S.


Volvo C30 T5
Volvo C30 T5
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