Clarkson considers the MINI Clubman "a toilet"

For all of his popularity and sceptered isle wit, it's probable that Jeremy Clarkson hasn't kept anyone from buying a car they really wanted. Which is a good thing for MINI and those folks looking at a Clubman, because Jezza has this to say about it: "About as desirable as a packet of dung or a can of worms."

Most of his issues with the car are sensible: the third door is on the wrong side for the Brits, no rear visibility due to the split rear doors, massive torque steer, tramlining, and a (still) tiny boot. His other problem with the car doesn't really strike us as a problem: according to Clarkson, the car's natural cruising speed is 110-MPH. Um... that's what cruise control is for... or paying attention to the flow of traffic... because it's not like you could need a larger speedo to keep better track of your progress.

As always, it's an entertaining read, if full of digressions. But as we said, we don't think it will keep even one MINI Clubman from finding a good, private home. For all of its perceived and/or actual shortcomings, MINI is practically the entire reason that the noun "lifestyle" became an adjective, and lifestyle purchases operate on principles that have nothing to do with torque steer and boot volume.

[Source: London Times]

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