eBay Find of the Day: Vampire jet car that almost killed the Hamster

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Talk about a project car. For sale on eBay UK, for approved UK-only bidders, is the actual Vampire jet car crashed by Richard Hammond. The Hamster was doing nearly 300-MPH when things went pear-shaped and he ended up in a coma. It appears the owner of the car hasn't been doing so well himself, and needs to sell the Vampire, and Britain's fastest electric car, to pay for health care costs.

The car, however, looks like it's been in a high-speed crash -- it's essentially a gutted, truncated fuselage and a junkyard of spares. Oh, the car doesn't come with a rollcage. It was cut off to extract Hammond and never returned. So if you'd like a heinously fast jet car that you'll need a a great deal of money to rebuild but might never be able to drive again, call a friend in the UK to place a bid for you. As of now, you'll need 18,000 pounds to join the party. Click on the gallery of images below to see more pics of the car.

[Source: eBay UK via Jalopnik]

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