Racing's biggest playboy is getting married

Not that we'd have any reason to, but if we had to make a list of the world's biggest playboys, Flavio Briatore would certainly rank in the top five. Certainly the biggest in the automotive industry. He's best known as team principal of Renault F1, but the Italian businessman also owns several beach clubs, night clubs and restaurants in Sardinia, Tuscany, Kenya and London, as well as an English football club and, having been a senior director for the Benetton clothing label, has his own fashion line called Billionaire Italian Couture. But business aside, Briatore has dated some of the most famously attractive models in the world, including Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum.

With a little black book like his, it would take some woman to take him off the market, but his latest girlfriend has done just that. Italian lingerie model Elisabetta Gregoraci recently revealed that the couple are engaged to be married at a ceremony – and what's sure to be the party of the century – next May. Flavio is 57, and his fiancé? 27.

So what made Flavio change his gallivanting ways? Briatore recently recovered from cancer, and his girlfriend was there for him the whole way through.

[Source: F1-Live, Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty]

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