Will NYC get the congestion charge in early 2008?

At least as early at April 2007, public officials in New York City were publicly engaged in a discussion about instituting a congestion charge in the Big Apple. Heck, Mayor Bloomberg even had the daily dollar amount picked out: $8. But the plan faltered and we haven't heard much recently. Until now. According to the New York Sun, Bloomberg is "likely to win some sort of "congestion pricing" plan by the spring now that the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, is on board with developing a plan to reduce Manhattan traffic by charging a fee to drivers." So, what will happen?

The details remain unknown, and the Sun says we'll probably have to wait until we approach the March 31 deadline for final approval from the City Council and state Legislature to find out more. That $8 idea? "No chance," says the Sun. That plan was made ultra-confusing by including full rebates for drivers who paid tolls coming into Manhattan (in some cases already $8, in others, $5) and Council members are paying close attention to how the charges will affect their burroughs. This won't be an easy fight, but it smells like something's cooking and will be ready in the spring.

[Source: New York Sun via Winding Road]

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