Spy Shots: Suzuki Swift sedan nabbed in India

As we mentioned in an earlier post today, the Swift hatchback would be a great addition to Suzuki's lineup in the U.S. Much better than a mid-size truck, at least. The Swift is a well regarded little car in markets abroad where it's sold as a three- and five-door hatch, but if this spy shot supposedly taken at Suzuki's manufacturing plant in India is to be believed, a sedan version of the Swift is right around the corner. After glancing at the design, however, we're not so sure that's a good thing. The image was originally hosted on the GM Inside News forums by member indica (NOTE: the image was originally posted by amitverma on the team-bhp.com forums), and the comments that follow are not flattering. Panel gaps wide enough to drive, well, a Suzuki Swift through and tons of unoccupied space between the wheels and the wells in which they sit are tops on the list of what's wrong with this car, though we think the back end just look fugly. Those taillights look similar to ones used on the Yaris Sedan, and they don't look good on the Toyota, either. Unfortunately we have no information about the Suzuki Swift Sedan other than what this pic provides, but we'll keep our feelers out for more.

[Source: team-bhp.com, GM Inside News]

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