Rendered Speculation: Mazda3 interpretation gets it all wrong?

The blokes over from AutoExpress tapped an artist to photochop the next Mazda3, supposedly utilizing sources within the automaker, and although it looks like an inoffensive evolution of the current model, we're somewhat doubtful that it's an accurate representation of what's to come.

Earlier this week, Automotive News sat down with Mazda's design chief, Laurens van den Acker, who said that the redesigned 2009 Mazda3 would take several cues from the Nagare line of concepts. All of the concepts featured a prominent five-point grille and "flow" inspired creases flanking the sides. In the rendering above, we don't see any of those elements. Instead, it's simply the integration of a few of the cues found on the new Mazda6 and its CUV/SUV siblings.

The Brits assert that the next 3 will be built atop the longer platform slated to underpin the 2010 Ford Focus, featuring a more spacious interior with higher quality materials, with a Mazdaspeed version (MPS abroad) that will utilize the 2.5-liter mill from the new Mazda6.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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