It's not your father's Oldsmobile diesel: checking out modern oil-burners

2007 BMW 535d

In the U.S. market, drivers who were around in the early eighties might still have some bad memories of noisy, smoky, slow diesel engines. In more recent years - aside from heavy duty pickup trucks - relatively few diesels have been available to American buyers. With gas prices on the rise and new fuel economy regulations on the way, diesels look poised for a comeback. With diesel engines able to achieve twenty-five to thirty percent better efficiency than gas engines of similar output, they definitely have a certain appeal. Combined with levels of refinement unheard of two decades ago and low-end torque that American drivers will love, diesels have huge potential. Huge. A whole range of fifty-state legal diesels will be introduced over the next two years that could lead to significant sales increases. Do you have your eye on one already?

[Source: CNN Money]

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