Senate Democrats trying to modify energy bill to get it passed

With the energy bill that was passed by the House of Representatives last week currently stalled in the US Senate, Democratic leaders are working feverishly to modify the legislation. Last Friday, a procedural vote to end debate and get a vote on the bill fell short of the necessary sixty votes to get to the Senate floor. Republicans were opposed to renewable energy requirements on electric utilities and tax changes that would have eliminated almost $13 billion of tax breaks for oil companies among a total of $21.8 billion in increases. As of late Wednesday night, negotiators had removed the renewable energy provisions but wanted to keep the tax changes. The revenue increases are intended to cover the cost of increased tax credits for vehicles like plug-in hybrids. If the Senate does get a bill passed on Thursday (today), it will have to go back to the House for a re-vote on Friday before they recess for the year. Even if the bill is passed by both chambers, the President is likely to veto it because of the tax changes.

[Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit News]

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