Lutz not leaving the building: GM head has no plans to retire in 2010

In an interview with WunderBob Lutz, the Associated Press reported that "he wants to retire from General Motors Corp. after the company brings a plug-in electric car to market, possibly sometime in 2010." After what must have been enough phone calls and e-mails to bust a switchboard, Lutz has clarified the AP story with a resounding "I'm not thinking retirement."
The AP stands by its story, which it said was a story about retirement. The confusion perhaps came from Lutz saying he wanted to retire after a plug-in electric comes out, and the AP writing that he could "possibly" retire immediately after it came out.

Lutz also said, "Unfortunately, this was misinterpreted as a statement that I would retire at the end of 2010. While this remains a possibility, it is not 'a plan'! We'll just take it a year at a time!" Of course, the furor also points out just how important Bob Lutz is to GM. The General said that whenever the time comes, a replacement will be found, but come on -- a guy called "Maximum Bob" will probably be difficult to replace.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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