Spy shots: Production Camaro sans Zebra stripes

Since the original Camaro concept hit NAIAS in January 2006, it seems like we've been living with (and writing about) the pony coupe forever. The fact is, we still haven't seen the Camaro's final production duds. Until now, kind of. The Camaro5 website has posted on its forums a near-naked Chevy Pony car in production sheet metal. The front and rear are wearing padded underwear, but we can see from the side-view pic that the basic shape stays true to the stunning concepts of 2006 and 2007.

Missing are the three slotted vents ahead of the rear wheel wells, but it looks like some ribbed metal takes its place. Also history are the funky-cool but slightly impractical side mirrors from the concept cars, and unlike the concept, the production model has a B-pillar. While it's difficult to tell for certain with the flat white paint job and slightly blurry photography, it appears as though some of the hard edges of the concept's belt-line have been softened. Judging by the high-polish 18- or 19-inch rims on this pre-production model, it's as close to final as we're going to see before the RWD coupe starts rolling off the assembly line. Without seeing the front and back of the Camaro, it's tough to gauge how closely GM stuck to the design of the concept, but from this one picture, it looks pretty close.

Thanks for the tip, Mark!

[Source: Camaro5]

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