Inside Line: Camaro to see production in 2009

Well, that didn't take long. The din of the marching band has barely died down from today's press conference, and Edmunds Inside Line is already citing anonymous supplier sources as saying that the Camaro will put down long, inky stripes come 2009 on the strength of today's unveiling. But it wasn't just the espresso-soaked press pool's clamoring today that may have made the difference. Concurrently with the concept's unveiling in Detroit, General Motors pulled the sheet on its crimson alter-ego at the Los Angeles Motor Show to similarly good effect.

That this news comes so hard on the heels of the car's debut also likely means one (or more) of the following is true:

  • General Motors kept tabs on the torrent of 'build it, already!!' comments that appeared in web forums worldwide when shots of the concept leaked in advance of today's debut.
  • GM took note of the similar response afforded DCX's Challenger when its photos hit the internet well in advance of its NAIAS unveiling.
  • The General was so sure that they had a hit on their hands during development that they green-lighted it earlier and are just now letting the word eke out.
  • General Motors is spawning these rumors itself (or 'allowing' them to happen) in order to gauge America's reaction to the news and base Camaro's production hopes on said feedback.
  • By jumpstarting this dialogue among enthusiasts and consumers, suppliers (or Edmund's own scribblers) are looking to wag the dog into birthing a new pony.

Regardless, the rumor mill is officially open for business.

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