EU might raise mandatory biodiesel blend

The European Commission is planning to increase the mandatory percentage of biodiesel that "regular" diesel should contain at European pumps before 2011. Some countries are planning to institute or already demand around 5 percent blends (or more) at the pumps but the plan has never been written on paper.

A new European Directive will be introduced in 2008 that will finally establish terms and blends. The plan is to increase the blends so that by 2020, 20 percent of Europe's energy comes from renewable sources - and biofuels have a key part in these plans: 10 percent. The European Parliament's proposal of certified sources seems not to be appear in this Directive.

By the end of December 2010, all EU countries should have some percentage of biodiesel added to "regular" diesel. Then a set of incremental objectives will set in every two years until 2020 when the aforementioned requirements will be met.

The Directive will also include plans for country members to promote locally-grown biofuels but, and this is where voices get raised, the EU might study helping developing countries if requirements can't be met. Adrian Bebb, member of Friends of the Earth, said that this measure won't avoid destroying rainforests to plant biocrops and it might harm poor communities that might lose their lands. He added that even the United Nations isn't sure about biofuels.

[Source: AgroinformaciĆ³n via Econoticias]

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