Aston Martin building new design center

Aston Martins rank highly among the most beautiful cars on the road. Granted, they all look pretty much the same – evolutions on a common theme that has ranged from the DB7 through to the upcoming production Rapide four-door – but each one is a study in elegance and sophistication.

Future models, however, are set to be conceived and designed at a new facility which the now independent British sportscar marque is in the process of establishing in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, at the site of its complex there (pictured above) which the company built to replace its historic home at Newport Pagnell.

The new design center is part of an ambitious program being undertaken by Aston Martin, under the leadership of CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez and chairman David Richards, to dramatically expand its market reach. We can't wait to see what the boys at Aston cook up next at its fancy new facility.

Our thanks go out to Mikkel for the tip.

[Source: BBC]

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