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Uber hopes facilities in Detroit will help shape its autonomous future

Facility aims to help the company collaborate with automakers and suppliers.

Here's why it makes sense for Uber to focus on The Motor City.

Biodiesel startup Planetary Fuels set for lift off

Planetary Fuels, a Seattle, Washington-based biodiesel startup, has filed to set up their first production facility outside of Seattle which includes the installation of tankage with a combined capacity of 442,000 gallons. The plant should produce around 6 million gallons of biodiesel per annum using crops from local farmers. The company plans to build a series of small scale

Hyundai to build new engine plant in U.S.

Hyundai announced today its intention to build a new engine plant in the U.S. at its current lone production facility in Montgomery, Alabama. The new facility will cost Hyundai around $270 million and add an additional 520 jobs to the plant. Engines produced at the new facility, which will break ground in September 2008, will supply not only Hyundai's Alabama plant, but also Kia's new plant in Georgia. Considering the numerous labor distputes Hyundai has had to deal with in its native South Kore

Nissan to shut down U.S. plants for six days

In anticipation of its upcoming 2007 models arriving, Nissan has decided to swallow a hard pill and shut down production at its three U.S. plants for six days by the end of July. Scuttling its plants in Canton, MS and Smyrna and Decherd, TN will trim 18,000 vehicles from its previously planned production schedule.