Make your ride a rolling reindeer

Christmas. The decorations, they're everywhere. Don't get us wrong, we love it. You can't help but enjoy watching folks get into the spirit as they trim their trees and erect light displays that'll consume more electricity in December than Iron Maiden did during the entire '83 Piece of Mind tour. Some people deco their cars, too. Usually, it's some roping around the roof rack, a few ribbons to add color and maybe a wreath obstructing the grille. Those who still can't get enough (or who have maybe had a few egg nogs too many) can go one step further and turn their rides into something worthy of the Island of Misfit Toys. Or cars, as it were. The What On Earth catalog sells a reindeer kit consisting of a pair of window-mount 16" plush jingle-bell antlers and a red Rudolph nose you attach to the grillework with wire. For some reason, this seems more ridiculous to us than a house whose lights are visible from the planet Neptune via the naked eye, but hey, it's Christmastime. We'll just cue up the Burl Ives and roll with it.

Thanks for the tip, Brenda!

[Source: What on Earth via bookofjoe via transportTrends]

Reindeer Car Antlers

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