Spy Shots: Psychedelic BMW 7-Series

Do you remember the first time you saw your mom wearing a facial mud mask? We had the same reaction when we first saw this spy pic of the new BMW 7-Series that was shot in Munich. While we suppose the psychedelic swirly paint job does obscure the luxury sedan's new lines, it also screams to every passerby for attention. That's not something development mules and prototypes usually do.
World Car Fans says it can make out a new front grille with a wider and lower hood on the car. All we see is a hive of bumblebees being pureed. Regardless, WCF reports the next-gen 7-Series will feature an 8-speed automatic like the Lexus LS, as well as the xDrive system. Power will reportedly come from a range of engines including the 272-hp 3.0L inline six, a new 414-hp V8 sourced from the M3 and possibly a new version of the car's 6.0L V12. BMW will likely debut the new car's shape at one of the big European shows: maybe Geneva in March, but more likely Paris later in the year.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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