Europe: Freshened Kia Picanto now on sale

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Europeans have a new supermini available to them in the updated Kia Picanto. The facelift transforms the Picanto from the anonymous basic transportation it was ( see here), to a friendly looking little critter that you want to name like a Build-A-Bear. The facelift consists of new front and rear fascias as well as a spruced up interior. The new face is a definite improvement over the outgoing car, and shows that Kia's moving toward a familial look. The grille, for example, is very Rondo-like. Rounded headlights give it a happier face than the vehicle it replaces, and likewise, there are now circular elements incorporated into the taillamp lenses. The interior details also look pleasing enough in the attached photos, and the car even offers niceties such as Bluetooth and both USB and auxiliary jacks for iPods.

Our sister site, Autoblog Spanish, has the French pricing posted. €7,990 puts you in the 63 hp 1.0i. Tack on another € 1000 for the moderately spunkier 1.1i 66 HP. The costliest Picantos are the diesels, which sell for €9,690 or €10,690 depending on trim package. Both gasoline engines are good for combined-cycle fuel economy over 40 US mpg.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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