Double dipping, NHTSA providing prizes for police to write tickets

We all know that the money that we drivers pay for taxes on the fuel we use is supposed to go to pay for the roads where we consume the fuel, right? Not so fast there buddy! Many of us at one time or another have also encountered law enforcement efforts that were clearly meant more for revenue enhancement than safety enhancement. Yes Livonia MI, we're talking to you! Does having five cruisers lined up beside a fast food restaurant picking off drivers going 3-4mph over the limit really improve safety on Middlebelt Rd?

It now appears that that those state and local police agencies have an extra incentive to write even more tickets. They can earn free police pursuit vehicles courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and your fuel tax dollars. NHTSA's National Law Enforcement Challenge Award judges police agencies based on ticket counts, taking away points if they don't have a "no warning" policy. They also give bonus points for innovative methods such as camouflaging officers as tourists or Santa Claus. The top ranked departments earn free cruisers such as Hemi Chargers and Magnums equipped with cold air intakes and Borla exhaust systems.


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