REPORT: Toyota tops in customer retention

The J.D. Power people compiled their annual list of automaker customer retention rates, and Toyota came out on top, followed closely behind by General Motors. Almost 69-percent of Toyota owners continued their relationship with the manufacturer, compared to GM whose owners returned to the automaker's brands about 65-percent of the time. Honda came in third, with 63.3-percent, while BMW and Ford following closely behind at 56.9-percent and 54.4-percent respectively.
It deserves note, however, that Toyota, GM, Honda, BMW and Ford all benefit from having a number of companies under their corporate umbrella. The way J.D. Power comes to its conclusions is to include each automaker's individual brands within the parent company. So Scion owners are likely to upgrade to a Toyota, Chevy owners might buy a Buick, and MINI buyers might take a step up into the newest 3-series – all of which skews the figures in favor of larger manufacturers.

However, lacking a large brand portfolio is hardly an excuse for Isuzu, who only came away from the survey with a 1.6-percent retention rate.

[Source: J.D. Power and Associates via CNNMoney]

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