Lutz denies Pontiac not getting Alpha platform

When we read in Motor Trend that the Alpha platform would find its way beneath the bow tie instead of the next G6, we were a little disappointed. It didn't make sense that GM would forego the performance-oriented image of Pontiac that Blogger Bob promised us for the more family-friendly, high volume Chevy brand. If you can believe that Maximum Bob returns emails from fanatical Cheers and Gears message board posters (we definitely wouldn't put it past him), then we have nothing to worry about.

In the alleged email, the industry's most outspoken executive cut right to the chase to tell the wide-eyed emailer that Motor Trend's story was "totally untrue." Heck, maybe we'll get the best of both worlds and the General will make a Alpha-based performance Pontiac and a stylish, fun and affordable Chevrolet. We've been denied many of the best overseas platforms for too long, but nothing can make us forgive and forget faster than a couple of world-class RWD sedans that aren't the size of a freighter.

[Source: Cheers and Gears via The GM Source]

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