Video: Entourage star Jeremy Piven drives BMW Hydrogen 7

TMZ has a video of Entourage star Jeremy Piven getting into a BMW Hydrogen 7. Jeremy said a few words to the paparazzi encouraging the use of hydrogen and they noticed he was parked illegally in the red zone. Here is exactly what Jeremy said when asked to talk about the hydrogen-powered car:

If you get more hydrogen stations and you tell the governor like Schwarzenegger to put more hydrogen stations, we can have cars like this, ultimately. They will probably be ready in like ten years.

Jeremy tried to avoid the paparazzi at first but they did give him an encouraging "you can do it" as he unparked after the impromptu press conference. Below the fold is a video of an almost identical scene, jackals and vultures fighting over a carcass in the wild.

[Source: TMZ via Plug and Cars]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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