Ferrari's director general: "A hybrid Ferrari will come"

Turns out the Ferrari importer we quoted recently was wrong; Ferrari will make a hybrid. Here is Ferrari's Director General Amedeo Felisa in an interview with Auto Motor and Sport (pardon the rough Google translation of the article from German to English):
The CO2-Diskussion achieved even more sports car manufacturers. How important is the issue of hybrid you?
Felisa: A hybrid solution will come. We see the hybrid but also dynamic aspects. Besides which: From now on, every new model is more economical than its predecessor.

I think Amedeo is asked next if the Enzo will be a hybrid and he replies "no. The main focus of Enzo - successor will be on his performance." Amedeo also had a few words to say about diesel too (again, pardon the Google translation from German to English):

If the diesel an alternative?
Felisa: diesel models achieve extraordinary performance. But their power-to-weight is bad. We achieve our consumption targets without diesel.

Amedeo also says "we reduce the weight through a clever chassis architecture. Less weight equal to less consumption. " On behalf of all the green car lovers out there, YIPPIE!

Update: Patrik posted a very good translation of the interview in comments.

[Source: Auto Motor and Sport via tipster Patrik]

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