EVS23: Photo gallery of T-Rex electric "motorcycles"

I first wrote a post about the all-electric T-Rex motorcycle/three-wheeler back in February. As we said earlier then, this vehicle can go around 125 mph and has high-end range of 250 miles (125 is the low end, which shows how much of an impact a driving style can have). These Canadian-built vehicles will cost around $50,000 CDN (almost $50,000 US). The T-Rex is actually the name of the non-electric version and the EV is called the Silence PT2. Still, there are two of these blue beauties on the showroom floor here at EVS23 and they carry the T-Rex name on them. We're not here to bicker and argue about who named what, just to look at some pretty pictures. I particularly like the way the side mirrors and the headlights are two sides of the same thing.

UPDATE: corrected the USD number thanks to a new exchange rate

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