Enter the Rumormill: Subaru making motorcycles?

While the most exciting news coming from Subaru these days has to do with a certain all-wheel-drive turbocharged rally-car-for-the-street, the company also is making news headlines with a possible single cylinder motorcycle. If the rumors hold true, expect to see the bike with a 500cc engine from Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru's parent company), a twin-spar aluminum frame, Showa USD forks and rear shock and Tokico radial mount brakes. Considering the expected output of 50 horsepower, the specifications otherwise seem rather high. The bike appears quite large despite being on the short end of the stick displacement-wise. The American market in particular has not been kind to machines in this size-class, but we're still quite interested in knowing just how much truth there is to this one.

[Source: Faster and Faster]

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