CR calls BS on Chrysler's in-van Jenga

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Car commercials are notorious for showing us stuff that the vehicles being advertised can't do, all in the interest of looking cool. The Ford Edge cruising along building ledges springs immediately to mind. With the advent of its new minivans, Chrysler released a TV spot for the Town and Country that ends with a depiction of kids playing Jenga at the Swivel 'n Go table while the van shoots down the road. Having played Jenga on an actual fixed surface, we know that the idea of doing so with any level of success in a moving vehicle is ludicrous at best. We weren't alone. Our friends at Consumer Reports thought the same thing, and as luck would have it, they own a new Town & Country, their very own test track, and Jenga. So they tested it. Click the image above to see the video.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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