RIA concocts dream Chevy lineup

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The Revitalization in Action team has given us dream lineups for Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and Buick in the past, and now it is Chevy's turn to be transformed by GMInsideNews members ChevroletRevived and Fbodyrules. As before, the RIA lineup for Chevy includes a makeover of the brand's entire lineup, including new models not yet for sale like the Beat sub-compact and Volt. Also included are a couple of models not even scheduled for production like a mid-size luxury hardtop convertible named the Bel-Air, a sports wagon called the Nomad, a long-wheelbase version of the Malibu called the Caprice, and finally, a Chevelle Concept based on the rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform and positioned as a sort of Impala coupe.

The design direction taken by the RIA team appears to draw heavily on the Volt's style, specifically its sharply angled split-grille that is applied across much of the bow-tie lineup. Our favorite models of the RIA lineup for Chevy include the Aveo and Impala, both of which are heads-and-tails above their current counterparts in style. The entire project, however, is worth a read, as they not only include exterior and interior shots of each vehicle, but also details descriptions of their trim levels and powertrains, as well as the strategy behind their position in the market.

We don't know what brand is slated to go under the RIA's knife next, but the RIA site includes a link to a page for Cadillac that says "Site Coming Soon!"

[Source: GMInsideNews]

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