Fans design dream lineups for GM brands

The dedicated General Motors supporters at GMInsideNews are tired of waiting for GM to come up with the compelling model lineups that will propel its brands back to market leadership, so they've taken matters into their own hands, with a minisite called Revitalization in Action.

The first marque to receive the group's revitalization efforts is Buick, once tagged by Bob Lutz as one of GM's "damaged brands." The GMI group's product ideas are based on an encyclopedic knowledge of GM drivetrain and chassis architectures, as well as finely tuned Photoshop skills, and include the Buick Roadmaster Coupe shown above - theoretically based on GM's new Zeta RWD platform and proposed for a 2009 rollout as a next generation Lucerne. (We have to admit, the storied Roadmaster name carries much more weight than Lucerne...)

Read about the rest of the Buick dream lineup here, and stay tuned for the group's efforts for GM's other brands.

[Source: GMInsideNews]

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