Revitalization in Action imagines a dream lineup for Saturn

You may remember the group Revitalization in Action as the well-intentioned GM fanboys that got tired of waiting around for their favorite automaker to fix itself, so went ahead and did it themselves. Composed of GMInsideNews forum members ChevroletRevived, fbodyrules and new member NSAP, the RIA has already dreamed up entirely new product portfolios for Buick, Saab and Pontiac. It's fun to watch these guys imagine a GM with bottomless pockets and limitless imaginations, and today we get to see that fun formula applied to Saturn.

Saturn already stands as GM's fastest growing brand, though that title stems from the fact that this year it's offering more models than it ever has before. Nevertheless, GM requires a successful Saturn to complete its turnaround, and the RIA think they've conjured a new lineup that will do the trick. Aside from envisioning the redesigns of current models like the Aura (shown above), Sky, Outlook and upcoming Astra, the RIA also builds out the lineup by adding the small Corsa-based Saturn Signal hatchback and Lambda-based sport-utility-truck, the Saturn Switch (shown right). A case can be made for both new models as the arrival of Opel's new Corsa is already almost a lock, and we're betting that unibody pickups are going to come on very strong in the next few years.

Also check out the addition of interior views to Saturn's dream lineup thanks to the addition of NSAP to the RIA team. As with all RIA dream lineups to date, the dream powertrain lineups are just that, a dream. It will be a long time before every single Saturn model has a Green Line variant and the RIA team is way too optimistic when it comes to how powerful they suppose each model will be. Nevertheless, there are much worse things that could happen to Saturn than to end up with a lineup like this.

[Source: GM Inside News]

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