Citron finds inspiration in Nemo's name with clownfish paint scheme on the Concetto

The other day, Citroën began selling the 119gm/km CO2 Nemo delivery van. Now, with a name like that, how could they not steal from a certain popular movie about a clownfish? Citroën has given the Nemo the orange and white paint treatment with the new Nemo Concetto, on display at the 2007 Bologna Motor Show. From what I can tell from the little information Citroën has released about this version of the Nemo, the Concetto could offer the same under-the-hood and customization options as the standard Nemo. What Citroën likes to add is that, "Like the fish, Nemo Concetto can be considered as "small" among its peers. However, its size is an asset, since it is able to nip in and out of traffic easily." Well, at least the images are nice. Check out the gallery for more.
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[Source: Citroën]

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