UPDATE: 520-HP V10 for Audi R8 coming in 2008

If at first -- or three times -- you don't succeed, then try a V10 without turbos. After a few RS8's went up like popcorn while testing with the twin-turbo V10 from the RS6, Evo magazine bolsters our report from yesterday that the new supeR8 will come with a normally aspirated V10. However, it will be a clean-sheet-of-paper engine, and not related to the V10s in the RS6 or Lamborghini Gallardo, but rather an evolution of the V8 in the RS4.

In his interview regarding the incinerated R8s, Quattro boss Werner Frowein said that Audi was experimenting with a V10 that would get more than 500 horsepower, but the fact that the brand would commit to a brand new powerplant -- even if it is an evolution -- is somewhat surprising. Evo pegs the new engine at about 520 brake horsepower, which would put it ahead of the M-division unit from BMW and even the freer breathing versions of AMG's 6.2-liter lump. The car's arrival has been pushed back slightly to satisfy demand for the regular R8, though. In the mean time, we'll savor the possibility that the new engine will go in the S8.

[Source: Evo]

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