Let's not forget the Crosscage, the hydrogen-powered motorcycle coming from Suzuki

Remember the Crosscage, the Suzuki motorcycle that runs on hydrogen? Intelligent Energy, a company based in the British Midlands, wants to make sure that we not only keep the vehicle in mind, but also know that the UK company had something to do with it. In a press release out yesterday, the British Midlands Development Corporation says that:

The motorcycle, which runs in almost complete silence and emits pure water, is a joint venture between British Midlands based company, Intelligent Energy, the UK's leading commercial developer of Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell technology and the Japanese motorcycle and scooter giant.

We're not the type to miss Intelligent Energy, which is supplying the fuel cell technology for the Crosscage. The company also makes the ENV bike (Oh, and as a curious aside, I just wanted to note that the company devoted to promoting work being done in the British Midlands is based in Chicago).

[Source: British Midlands Development Corporation]

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