The Zenn of delivering the mail in Washington

For package delivery companies and the Post Office, the rising cost of fuel is taking an ever larger bite of revenues. In Washington state, Carolyn Triebenbach has found a solution. As a rural letter carrier Triebenbach does her daily twenty-mile route on only $0.40 worth of electricity. She uses a new Zenn NEV to deliver mail to 520 homes in Sequim. When she has a particularly heavy load of mail after a long weekend, she may have to take a 20-30 minute brake break later in the day for a charge to finish the route but otherwise the Zenn operates quietly and smoothly. Triebenbach paid an extra $5,000 on top of the $12,600 base price to get a right hand drive conversion and the passenger seat removed to hold the mail.

[Source: Peninsula Daily News, thanks to Domenick for the tip]

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