The latest story of a Prius and the Georgia emissions test

The brains in the Prius are still too smart for the Georgia emissions test. As this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains, the software that state testers use is incompatible with the Prius computer and the testers can't use the workaround that works on other vehicles (measuring the tailpipe exhaust during a two-speed idle test), because the Prius' gas engine shuts down instead of idling. A new 10-step procedure developed specifically for the Prius doesn't work all the time. The AJC article describes the troubles on Prius owner had trying to get his Prius to pass the test. It isn't pretty, but that's what happens when new technology meets outdated regulations and equipment. It's not like this problem is new. Here's an April post that covers the same ground:
[Source: Ken Foskett / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via EV World]

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