Castagna Cinquino, aka another Fiat 500 with a kooky interior

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Now before you write in and say this isn't a nice interior, notice we didn't say it isn't nice. It is nice. But we do think it's kooky. Castagna is all over the galaxy with its customization choices, but of late has settled on the Fiat 500 for a muse. Castagna means "chestnut" in Italian, and frankly, that's what the interior of this little baby reminds us of.

Outside, the car gets a two-tone paint job and some hand-applied stripes -- the contrasting wheel arches emphasize the car's stance nicely. It also gets a 30-mm lower ride height on Eibach springs, and Brembo brakes with 4-pot calipers on 280-mm discs up front. Under the hood, horsepower has been juiced up to 155, meaning the baby Fiat might crack 120-MPH.

Inside, vintage-finish leather, carbon fiber, and some mocha-colored Alcantara replace the usual fittings. As we said, it's very nice. It's just... very brown. If you're interested, the car is called the Cinquino, the transformation is called "Passion Kit Corsa," and price is, of course, never mentioned. And in case it isn't brown enough for you: Castagna will be happy to make custom-fitted luggage to slot perfectly into the expanded, 40-liter trunk. Check out the hi-res gallery of images below.

[Source: Auto Blog Italy]

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