eBay Find of the Day: Right to buy a 'First 888 G8' from Pontiac dealer

click above image to view eBay Motors auction ('First 888 G8' model NOT shown)

As consumers and perpetual car shoppers, we're always irked to hear of dealers marking up the price on whatever new hotness hits their showroom floor. While the upcoming Pontiac G8 sedan won't create the same chaos as, say, the Chevy Camaro or Dodge Challenger, it will be a highly sought after model right out of the gate. While we expect many dealers to jack up the G8's very reasonable MSRP as soon as it arrives, we can't blame this Columbus, OH dealer who is auctioning off the right to buy his lone allotted Pontiac G8. And it's not just any G8, it'll be one of the first 888 G8 sedans. That really means nothing, though, as this first batch of cars will only be set apart by a small interior logo that reads "G8 First 888". But if you're an early adopter, that might mean something.

To be clear, this auction on eBay Motors is just for the privilege of buying this dealer's only Pontiac G8. The auction starts at $500 and hasn't attracted any bidders yet, but we imagine it will. The dealer does stipulate that the winner will pay MSRP for the car and nothing more, so if you're able to outlast other interested parties to win the auction, you may end up paying less overall for your G8 than someone buying directly from the dealer and dealing with markups. Or, you could just wait a few months for production to ramp up and availability to increase, which will happen eventually. The G8 is not a niche vehicle for Pontiac, as we suspect the brand plans to import as many from Oz as the Australians can build.

Thanks for the tip, Ryan!

[Source: eBay]

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