Who's faster? Lamborghini Reventon vs. Tornado jet fighter

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Car vs. jet stunts are kind of ridiculous, but they're entertaining nonetheless. The more exotic the hardware, the better the entertainment, and Lamborghini's Reventón is about as exotic as it gets these days. In a made-for-TV showcase (no, we haven't found video yet), a Lambo test driver and an Italian fighter pilot lined up one of the jet-inspired supercars and a Panavia Tornado combat plane on a 3000-meter runway to see which vehicle could accelerate faster. Long story short, while it probably made for great TV, the Lambo lost in the end. Hey, the 650-horsepower Reventón may be badder than both John Shaft and Truck Turner combined, but when matched against a fighter jet whose twin Turbo-Union RB199 engines combine to make 39,332 horsepower at sea level, it's bound to come up a little shy. We'd take one, anyway.

[Source: Lamborghini]


Sant'Agata Bolognese - November 23, 2007

The Ghedi (Brescia) military airport was the setting this week for an extraordinary acceleration race between a Tornado aircraft [A200-A] provided by the airbase, and the Lamborghini Reventón driven by an official Lamborghini test driver.

The fighter pilot and the Lamborghini test driver challenged each other on the 3000 m-long runway.

The Reventón took the lead in the first leg of the race, but the Tornado caught up in the last few metres, taking off and flying over the Reventón that was going at a speed of over 340 km/h.

The Ghedi military base was chosen as the venue at which to present the Lamborghini super car to international TV networks. The ideal environment in which to emphasise the Reventón's aeronautic styling, the airbase was made available to Lamborghini by General Carlo Landi of the Fifth Department of the Stato Maggiore dell A.M, and Colonel Aurelio of the Sixth Formation.

The Reventón's design – entirely designed by the Centro Stile Lamborghini and perfected down to the finest detail in close collaboration with Lamborghini's R and D management - drew its inspiration from the world's fastest aircraft in modern aviation. It is from this heritage that the Reventón has drawn its extremely precise, technically impressive style with sharp edges, exact lines and clean surfaces, along with its exclusive new matte grey-green exterior colour.

There are only 20 Reventón cars available, each with a price tag of 1 million euros plus taxes. All are already sold and will be built and delivered in 2008.

The Lamborghini Reventón, officially presented to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, also won the "Most Beautiful Automobile in the World 2007" award this month in the special models category, and is destined to become a new legend in the fascinating history of the House of the Raging Bull.

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