Lamborghini exploring ways to reduce CO2 without sacrificing the sound and the fury

Both Ferrari and Lamborghini's CO2 emissions right now exceed 400 g/km. The EU has set a goal of 120 g/km for a carmakers' fleet average by 2012. Last week, Ferrari said it planned to at least get down to 280-300 g/km by 2012, which, while still more than double the target, represents a 30% decrease. It said it would do that by exploring more efficient engines and different body panels to make cars lighter.

Lamborghini's response to the same issue, from CEO Stephan Winkelmann, came to a similar conclusion but in a slightly different way. Winkelmann said that the DNA of the brand -- "the design of the car, the sound of the engine, the top speed and the sprint from zero to 100 kilometers per hour" -- cannot be sacrificed, else they aren't really making supercars any more, which means they're not really making Lamborghinis. And that can't happen.

Also echoing Ferrari, Winkelmann said that Lamborghini owners really only drive their cars on the weekends, and they only sell a handful of them, so "If we look at the real impact, it is close to zero." From the sounds of it, Lamborghini has no intention of messing with the sounds or sizes of its engines, suggesting only (so far) that it will look at using lighter construction techniques, such as more carbon fiber. Take that, EU.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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